Pedlar's Certificate

Pedlar's Certificate

Newcastle City Council does not issue Pedlar's certificates.

Under the Pedlars Act 1871, no person shall act as a pedlar without such certificate. If you are selling goods on foot in Newcastle, you will need a Pedlar's certificate. You can get one by visiting your local police station.

Application information

For the application, the police will require two forms of identification, one with a photograph, the other showing an address where the applicant has lived for at least 28 days within the district they are applying for the licence. The applicant must be aged over 17. The police need this information to check the identity and that the applicant is of good character before they issue a certificate.

If you are a resident in Newcastle and want to access information go to the Northumbria Police website.

City of Newcastle upon Tyne Act 2000

The City of Newcastle upon Tyne Act 2000 also controls illegal street trading in a number of areas across the city including the City Centre and around the "Utilita Arena".

Section 4 of the Act amends the provisions of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 in respect of reference to the Pedlars Act 1871. A certificate granted under the Pedlar's Act 1875 may only be used in Newcastle upon Tyne if it is used in the following terms: "If the trading is carried out only by means of visits from house to house".

No Cold Calling Zones

Throughout Newcastle No Cold Calling Zones have now been set up where you should not attempt to sell anything door to door. A comprehensive list of all the No Cold Calling Zones in Newcastle can be found through our webpage Locations of NCCZ's

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Pedlars certificates are issued by the police


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