Car Club Bays

Car Club Bays

Car Club bays can be found in several streets in Newcastle and on the ground floor of Dean Street Multi-Storey Car Park where there is a bay for an electric Car Club vehicle. They enable people to make car journeys when they need to without having to own or use their own vehicle. The car club vehicle will be parked in a bay marked for car club only.

The bay is marked on the ground with white lines and the wording ‘car club only’ is marked on the highway as shown below:

 Car club bay with car club car parked. The bay marking on the highway states ‘car club only’ and car club sign

Car club sign, states ‘Car club permit holders only’

If a motor vehicle is parked in the car club bay and it is not a car club vehicle, a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) will issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for the wrong type of vehicle being parked in the bay.