Working with the NHS

Working with the NHS


Different groups are responsible for deciding which health and social care services are needed in Newcastle. This is called ‘commissioning’ healthcare. The public health team here at Newcastle City Council have responsibility for commissioning a number of health related services.

Other services such as hospital, GP, dental and community services are commissioned by other organisations below. A key role for us is to work closely with these organisations to make sure the people of Newcastle get the best possible care when they need it. We have a ‘core offer’ of support to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). The main aims of this offer are to:

  • Reduce the differences in health that people experience based on factors like where they live, how much they earn and how they access health services
  • Ensure everyone in the city lives longer, healthier lives
  • Involve everyone in giving people the help they need to stop smoking, reduce alcohol, eat well and exercise more
  • Ensure the care people in Newcastle receive is the best it can be
  • Ensure the care people receive is the best use of the money available
  • Gather information on the services people might need and to communicate that with the people who commission the services

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

CCGs  commission hospital care, urgent and emergency care (including out-of-hours and NHS 111), many community care services, and mental health and learning disability services. They are also involved in commissioning GP services. We work very closely with CCGs to ensure that the services they commission are the services the people of Newcastle need.

Our CCG is the Newcastle & Gateshead CCG.

NHS England

NHS England pharmacists, dentists, and some specialised services. Along with CCGs they are also involved in commissioning GP services. We work closely with NHS England to make sure these services are what the people of Newcastle need.


Healthwatch are in independent organisation who champion the views of the people who use health and care services. We work closely with our colleagues in Healthwatch to ensure we respond to issues raised by people in Newcastle.





Did you know?

The NHS in England includes multiple agencies with different roles, but all within one unified structure.