Local elections 2019

On 2 May 2019 there will be local elections in Newcastle upon Tyne to elect 26 councillors. Find out more about Local Elections 2019.

North of Tyne Combined Authority Mayoral Election

For more information including election notices visit https://www.northoftyne-ca.gov.uk/north-of-tyne-mayor-election.

European Parliamentary Election

For the notice of election and more information visit the European Parliamentary Election page.

Electoral review of Newcastle

In November 2016 the Local Government Boundary Commission for England concluded their electoral review of Newcastle.

Their final recommendations are:

  • Newcastle upon Tyne should be represented by 78 councillors, the same number as there are now;
  • Newcastle upon Tyne should have 26 wards, the same number as there are now; and
  • The boundaries of all wards should change; none will stay the same.

Even though the number of councillors will stay the same, the shape and size of council wards had to change because of housing developments and changes to the city’s populations.

The Commission have developed their final recommendations based on feedback received through two phases of consultation, including detailed proposals submitted on behalf of the council.

Details of the new ward boundaries are outlined in their report and the citywide maps below outline how the new ward boundaries will differ from those we currently have. You can also download maps of each of the new wards.

Ward Map
Arthur's Hill Download map here (pdf, 2.25mb)
Benwell and Scotswood Download map here (pdf, 3.01mb)
Blakelaw Download map here (pdf, 3.09mb)
Byker Download map here (pdf, 2.87mb)
Callerton and Throckley Download map here (pdf, 5.24mb)
Castle Download map here (pdf, 4.16mb)
Chapel Download map here (pdf, 2.29mb)
Dene and South Gosforth Download map here (pdf, 3.19mb)
Denton and Westerhope Download map here (pdf, 3.12mb)
Elswick Download map here (pdf, 3.13mb)
Fawdon and West Gosforth Download map here (pdf, 3.09mb)
Gosforth Download map here (pdf, 2.97mb)
Heaton Download map here (pdf, 2.75mb)
Kenton Download map here (pdf, 2.65mb)
Kingston Park South and Newbiggin Hall Download map here (pdf, 2.72mb)
Lemington Download map here (pdf, 3.23mb)
Manor Park Download map here (pdf, 2.65mb)
Monument Download map here (pdf, 3.49mb)
North Jesmond Download map here (pdf, 2.3mb)
Ouseburn Download map here (pdf, 2.93mb)
Parklands Download map here (pdf, 2.84mb)
South Jesmond Download map here (pdf, 2.59mb)
Walker Download map here (pdf, 2.45mb)
Walkergate Download map here (pdf, 3.03mb)
West Fenham Download map here (pdf, 3.18mb)
Wingrove Download map here (pdf, 2.82mb)

Visit the Local Government Boundary Commission website for more information.

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28 March 2018
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