Cemetery and Crematorium Fees

We charge funeral directors directly for the following fees. If you are arranging a funeral without a funeral director you will pay the fees directly to Bereavement Services:

  • Cremation and Medical Referee fee
  • Interment fee
  • Purchase of Exclusive Rights if our purchase form comes via the Funeral Director

The cremation fee includes all forms, administration, the use of the crematorium, chapel, organ and electronic music, the cremation and placing the cremated remains elsewhere. There are various containers available.

Video streaming of funeral services

From Thursday 30 April 2020, a new webstreaming service is available which will enable family and friends of the deceased to remotely view the funeral service, live, from either of our chapels at the West Road Crematorium.

The service will be free of charge for 6 months with further options as below:

  • Live Webcast - free for 6 months from 30 April 2020
  • Live Webcast, plus 28 day downloadable: £45
  • Keepsake copy DVD/Blu-Ray/USB stick: £50 (additional copies £25 each)

Please contact the funeral director dealing with the service for your choice of booking, or, if making your own arrangements, contact Bereavement Services for further information, email: bereavementservices@newcastle.gov.uk.

View Cemetery and Crematorium Fees


Other fees

Monumental fees are usually charged to the Monumental Mason; however the Monumental Mason may ask a purchaser to make a payment directly to Bereavement Services.

Fees relating to memorials are paid directly to Bereavement Services.


Independent funeral costs

Some costs relating to the independent option are set out below. The below costs presume you use your own transport and bearers and keep the deceased at home or in the hospital mortuary (which is free of charge).

  • Independent cremation fee (including medical reference fee) - approximately £842
  • Doctor's fees for medical certificates - approximately £152
  • Minister's/Secular Officiant's fee - approximately £160

Help with funeral payments

If you're on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral, you may be able to get a Funeral Payment from the Social Fund.


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