Provider information

Provider information

Provider information

If you contract with us, or you would like to, there is some important information below that you need to know.

Our categories and sub categories

We work in market areas called categories. These categories are a way of bundling together similar or related opportunities in a way that we, providers, partners and local people can understand.

Each category is made up of a number of sub categories. Each sub category can represent one or a number of contract opportunities.

We have created a full list of all of our categories and sub categories in our category tree.

Social Care Inclusion Trading and Resources Collaboration
Looked after children Special educational needs and disabilities ICT and telecoms Legal services
Specialist social care services Early help and family support Environment and neighbourhoods Finance
Support at home for older people Youth Housing and facilities management Civil engineering and highways
Residential care for older people Education Communications and marketing Travel and transport
Community opportunities for older people Domestic violence and abuse Building construction Staff services
Supporting carers Active inclusion Culture and sport Organisational supplies
Information, advice and advocacy Public health Burials and crematoria Lifts and escalators
  Supporting community action   Asbestos and demolitions

Market position statements

We want to make sure that services are designed and delivered in cooperation with local people so that we can make informed choices about priorities and future service delivery.

Market position statements are the first step towards this. They are designed to help providers and the people who use services to understand what is currently on offer and also what we think services might look like in the future.

We have produced a range of market position statements, each looking at different service systems across the city. We continue to develop these and add new market position statements all the time. As they are produced we will publish them here.

Social care

Looked after children

Specialist social care services


Domestic violence and abuse

Active inclusion

Public health

Targeted youth provision

Unregulated provision

Youth fund and rapid response fund

Performance information

All of our contracts are subject to a risk assessment which produce a risk summary score. This risk summary score determines the frequency of performance collection and informs the types of information that are collected throughout the contract. You can see these contract management expectations in our contract management matrix.

The performance expectations for your contract will be made clear to you before your contract begins and will form an ongoing part of your contract management. If your contract is deemed to be critical you will be expected to develop a continuity plan and share this with us.

When we put in place contracts for people services these are normally subject to our service quality framework (SQF). The SQF has two different levels: standard and light, depending on the size and nature of the contract. The SQF that applies to your contract will be made clear to you before your contract begins. If you want to learn more about our SQF you can access the provider template with guidance.

Did you know?

During 2017-18:

  • 67% of the Council's spend on contracts was with Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's), almost £273million;
  • 65% of the Council's spend on contracts was with local businesses in the North East, almost £266million;
  • £45million of the Council's spend on contracts and grants was with Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations.