Don’t be a Selfish Parker!

Don’t be a Selfish Parker!

The British Parking Association (BPA) has launched a new campaign to raise awareness and help tackle selfish and anti-social parking, which is a major frustration for many of the public.


Motorists should take care when they park their motor vehicles whether this be on a public road, private road, in an off-street car park or in a multi storey car park.


Care should be taken when motorists and their passengers leave their vehicles to ensure that they do not cause damage other vehicles.


Vehicles should be parked within the markings of a parking bay if they are parking on a street or in an off-street car park or multi storey car park.  Failure to do this correctly could lead to other vehicles being blocked, parking spaces may be unavailable due to the amount of space left or the free movement of traffic may also be affected.

Yellow line waiting restrictions are in place where parked cars may be dangerous for traffic and pedestrians crossing the road and would also block the flow of traffic.

If a motor vehicle is parked on street and there are no marked out parking bays care has to be checked that the vehicle is not parked on yellow lines which are put n place to help traffic move freely and safely.

Motor vehicles should not be parked on a pavement. Not only is this illegal, but it can obstruct pedestrians, wheelchair users, people with mobility issues and disabilities, people with a visual impairment and adults pushing buggies and prams.  Parked vehicles on pavements can also loosen paving stones causing trip hazards.  


Please see below the posters produced by the BPA to raise awareness of this campaign.

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3