Authority Monitoring Reports - Planning Policy

Authority Monitoring Reports - Planning Policy


Each year an Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) is published containing information on the progress of Local Plan documents and the extent to which planning policies set out in the Local Plan are being achieved.

Please note: AMR are now referred to as Authority Monitoring Report to align with PPG

The following files are available online at this link.

  • Annual Monitoring Report 2014-15
  • Annual Monitoring Report 2015-16
  • Annual Monitoring Report 2016-17
  • Annual Monitoring Report 2017-18
  • Annual Monitoring Report 2018-19
  • Annual Monitoring Report 2019-20 (pdf)


  • Appendix 3: Infrastructure Delivery Plan

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) identifies infrastructure requirements across Newcastle. It is a document which outlines what infrastructure is required to facilitate the delivery of the plan and required to facilitate development, alongside infrastructure required to meet longer term aspirations.  It is supported by the Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) which provides information on funding generated by development in the City for the past financial year and the intended priorities for spending future funds on infrastructure.

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