Newcastle City Council Digital Fixed Line Infrastructure Wayleave

Wayleaves are legal agreements that allow providers to install infrastructure in properties or land owned by others and to access it on an ongoing basis to carry out work.

Newcastle City Council is committed to improving connectivity and access to faster broadband speeds across Newcastle.

To help make the wayleave process as streamlined as possible, the City Council has developed a non-exclusive city-wide wayleave  agreements for providers of communication and broadband services to access council owned properties and land in order to support digital inclusion, communications, networking, leisure and learning opportunities.


City Wide Wayleave for Fixed Line Broadband

The city-wide wayleave will be granted over all of Newcastle City Council’s land and property as this streamlines the process for both the City Council and the telecommunication provider. Agreeing a city-wide wayleave with telecommunication providers will enable provision of new internet services to residents and visitors which is a vital step and will make better connectivity available to tenants and leaseholders. It will also have related benefits in adding to the choice of providers available in localities for other residential and business users.

The following fees apply to the granting of a city wide wayleave:

  • Execution of the City-Wide Wayleave Agreement (prior approval for all Council’s housing stock, land in the ownership of the Council and commercial property) - £1,950
  • Call down fees will apply to the review of route proposals and the co-ordination of permission to work relating to the Council’s housing stock - £5.90 per unit
  • Call down fees will apply to the review of route proposals and the co-ordination of permission to work for council land (not adopted highway) - £750 per application
  • Call down fees will apply to the review of route proposals and the co-ordination of permission to undertake installs within commercial property that the Council has the freehold title - £250 per application

Here is our city wide fixed line agreement

Here is the process for city wide agreements


Individual Wayleave Applications for Fixed Line Broadband

If providers do not wish to sign a city wide wayleave, a standardised wayleave document has been developed for individual applications. This will help reduce the time and cost for small firms seeking connections via their landlords, cutting down the legal process that delays connectivity.

The cost of executing individual wayleave agreement application is £900.

Here is the individual wayleave agreement

Here is the process for the individual wayleave agreement 

Communication Protocol

It is important that when undertaking any works in the City Council's social housing stock that there is a clear understanding on the importance of communication. Here is our Communication Protocol that the City Council and YHN expect adherence to throughout.


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