Renting from a landlord

Renting from a landlord

After spending the first year in halls many students chose to rent a house or flat with friends.  House shares are seen as a essential part of the student experience; as well as offering greater freedom they are great fun and a first step in learning to manage your own home.  

Newcastle is proud of our private landlords who offer a wide range of good quality homes to suit everyone needs and budget, however its important to understand your rights as well as your responsibilities and where to go to get advice.

These pages cover the essential things you need to know when it comes to renting from a private landlord.


Getting started with renting 


Problems with repairs and damp


Problems with noise and ASB


Property licencing 


Check if your property has a licence 


Report a unlicensed property 




Need more information?

Problems with your property? Contact Problems with your landlord? Contact 

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