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Both the Eldon Square and Eldon Garden Multi-Storey car parks have our new Check in Check out scheme in place. This means that you will no longer have to rush back to your car before your ticket runs out and because you can also now pay by card, you don't need to have the correct change to hand.

But how does it work? You can read our handy step-by-step instructions below.

How to 'Check In' to the car park

1. On the pay and display machine, select that you wish to pay by card.
2. Insert your card into the slot or, if contactless, hover your card over the contactless reader.
3. Input your vehicle registration details into the machine as instructed.
4. You will then receive notification on the screen that you are checked in and you will receive a ticket that states you are checked in. There is no need to display this ticket - it is for your records only.
5. Details of being checked in are immediately transferred to our officers' handheld devices.

How to 'Check Out' of the car park

1. When you return to your car, go to any pay and display machine. Again, select that you wish to pay by card.
2. Insert your card into the slot or, if contactless, hover your card over the contactless reader. The same bank card must be used to check out as used to check in.
3. The display screen will advise that you are now checked out and a receipt notifying you of how much you have been charged will be printed.

Refunds and ‘overpayments’

Please note when using the Check in Check out system (payment by card) at the Eldon Square or Eldon Garden car parks, at check in, a reserve – which is the value from check in until 5pm - is held against your account. This is a sliding scale, reducing each minute, so the closer to 5pm you check in, the lower the reserve will be. Please see below table for some example times and reserve amounts.

Time of arrival

Reserve amount


Eldon Square

Eldon Garden
















The reserve is to ensure your card is not lost or stolen, and to ensure there is sufficient funds in your account to cover the maximum amount of parking.

This is a pending transaction only and when a check out occurs, the exact charge is applied and the reserve is released in full. However, it may take a few days before your bank fully release the reserved funds. The speed at which the monies are released depend on your own individual bank. Ordinarily it will be the following day, but it can take up to 5 working days.

Until your bank fully releases the reserve, it may show two charges in your statement (the actual charge and the reserve), or it may show just the reserve, or it may also include the difference between the reserve and the actual charge.

Please therefore do not complete the below refund request form until at least 7 days have passed since your check out if you are seeing an overcharge in your statements.

However, if you have forgotten to check, were unable to check out, or were not aware you had to check out when paying by card at the Eldon Square or Eldon Gardens car parks, or it is over a week since your check out and you are still seeing an overcharge, please complete the below online form.

This form will enable us to collect all the required information to process your refund request and allow you to attach a scanned image of any supporting evidence, such as a pay and display ticket.

Check In Check Out refund request


More information

Please note: the Check In / Check Out system is for same day parking only.

You can still take advantage of the Alive After Five scheme, meaning that your stay at these car parks will only be charged until 5pm from Monday to Saturday, or 6pm on a Sunday.

If you'd like to find out more about our car parks, including opening times, prices and locations, please see our Car Parks and On Street Parking page.

If there is a problem with the ticket machine you have used, please see our further information.

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