Apply for planning permission: Non-household

Apply for planning permission: Non-household

Newcastle Planning Services recommend the submission of applications online through the Planning Portal. You can fill out an application, submit electronic drawing attachments and pay your fee electronically.  

What type of application do I need?  

If you are wanting to improve or extend your home, have a look at our all our guidance for householders here.

When looking to apply for planning permission you will first need to see what type of consent you need. We have different forms for different types of application.  Application forms and / or Guidance notes are available here

In some cases you may be required to submit more than one type of application. For example, if you are proposing to carry out significant works to a listed building you would normally require both Listed Building and Detailed consents.

You can submit your application online through the Planning Portal (link below).  Simply complete your online application form, attach any plans and submit your fee and it will be sent direct to us automatically.

You can view the Planning Portal advice, guidance, and interactive help at their common projects page.

We offer the option of pre-application discussions before making a full Planning application.    More information is here.  This is available for all developments,  and particularly recommended for more detailed and complex major development proposals. 

If you are unsure about which form you need, please contact us for advice.


What do I need to send? 

Applications must contain all the information that we need to make a decision.  It also ensures that third party consultees can have a full picture of what is being proposed and helps to obtain a speedier decision.

When we receive your application we will check that it is accurate and has all the information required. If you do not send all the information that we need to deal with your application, we will not be able to register it.

As a minimum, you must provide the following documents:


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  • If you are considering employing an architect, ensure they are registered with the Architects’ Registration Board – the government body which maintains the Register listing every architect in the UK at


What are the costs? 

Fees for planning applications are set by central government.  They vary depending on the type of the work you wish to do. See the full list of fees for different types of planning permission. You can use the electronic Fee Calculator available from Planning Portal (links to external site)


Apply online

Apply for planning permission via Planning Portal


The benefits of using the Planning Portal are:  

  • Your application will be sent to Newcastle City Council on the same day 
  • You will receive instant email notification on receipt of electronic applications 
  • It speeds up the process 
  • You will pay online through a secure website 
  • It's paperless
  • There's online guidance to help you make your application 
  • There are useful tools to help you, like volume and fee calculators 
  • There's a mapping service, so you can create a site location plan 


Other Ways To Apply and Pay

We encourage you to submit your application online through the Planning Portal  to help speed up the process.  

There are alternative ways to fill in application forms here.


pay online or by phone here if not paying on the Planning Portal   


The information provided on the application form, drawings and documents will be available on the internet. Please read our Privacy Notice which sets out how we use information.


Other guidance 

View the Step by Step guide to Planning Applications.   

View the full range of guidance on making planning applications.



How to appeal a decision 

If an application is refused, you have a right of appeal through the Planning Inspectorate. However we would recommend that you contact us prior to lodging your appeal. Some problems can be solved through minor changes to proposals.

Appeals are lodged with the Planning Inspectorate and not with Newcastle City Council. You can submit your appeal online (external link). Appeals are considered by a Planning Inspector and most are conducted through writing although some are decided by a hearing or public inquiry.

Find out more information on planning appeals.



Help, assistance, and customer feedback  

Planning Portal:

If you have a technical problem (such as the Portal not working or your login details not working) you can contact the support helpdesk here or by emailing, or call 0333 323 4589.

The Helpdesk is open between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you simply wish to send feedback about the Planning Portal site (such as comments on the content, or examples of features and services you would like to see) you can send them to


Customer Feedback

If you have recently applied for planning consent from Newcastle City Council, you may wish to give us comments and feedback about the service. The council is keen to consult all planning applicants about whether they are satisfied with the service provided, and so we'd like to hear your views.

Please complete a short questionnaire if you would like to take part in this survey.



Did you know?

You can check if your plans need Planning Permission here.

If making an application , Submitting it online through the Planning Portal will help speed up the process.

Need more information?

Our planning guidance can help you through the process.

An A to Z of common words used in the planning process can be found on the Planning Aid website.

READ: 10 tips to avoid your application being delayed  

Five tips for getting planning permission (external link)

Do You Need Planning Permission? (external link)

See the full list of fees for different types of planning permission. You can use the electronic Fee Calculator available from Planning Portal (links to external site)

The Planning Portal have a lot of guidance that you may find useful, and a guide to policy and legislation.  (links to external site)

If you cannot find the information you need on our website, please email

or phone 0191 278 7878 and ask for 'Planning'.

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