Parking With a Disabled Blue Badge

Parking With a Disabled Blue Badge

From 01 July 2021 some changes are being made to the way you can use your Blue Badge in Newcastle upon Tyne.

These changes relate to the payment of parking only – full details can be found here – (link to

When and where you can use your Blue Badge has not changed, below is a guide to where the badge allows you to park with your Badge displayed so that the details including the expiry date can clearly be read and verified. Full details are available in the guide you will have received with your Blue Badge (which is also available online - 

Please note that these regulations relate to parking areas that fall within the Newcastle City Council remit only. If you are travelling outside of Newcastle upon Tyne, please contact the local authority for that area.

 Areas that you can park whilst displaying a valid Blue Badge


Areas that you cannot park


Care must be taken when parking in Shared Use Bays to ensure that you are parking within the correct prevailing restrictions. (link to

You will find information on our Shopmobility scheme here (link to

 If you require any further information regarding parking areas where Blue Badges can be used please contact